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I'm proud, that I'm be able to present screen shots of pre-alpha versions of never-before released CHAMP games that were in works when CHAMProgramming went out of business. CHAMP Burger Climb and CHAMP Frog-em were about 70% complete when CHAMProgramming stopped development. Although unplayable, the graphics looks already great. I really whished one of this games would have seen the light of day ... .

Screenshots CHAMP Burger Climb:

Screenshot CHAMP Burger Climb

Screenshots CHAMP Frog-em:

Screenshot CHAMP Frog-em

CHAMProgramming had actually planned on releasing 10 more games after the original 10 were completed. They were:
- CHAMP Lunar Patrol (Moon Patrol)
- CHAMP Joust-em (Joust)
- CHAMP Missile Commander (Missile Command)
- CHAMP Lady Bug-em (Lady Bug)
- CHAMP Kong Jr. (Donkey Kong Jr.)
- CHAMP Tutank-em (Tutankham)
- CHAMP Berzerker (Berzerk)
- CHAMP Star Fortress (Star Castle)
- CHAMP Super Pac-em (Super Pacman)
- CHAMP Q*Bit (Q*Bert)

Some work was already done. Start-up screenshot CHAMP Lady Bug-em:

Screenshot CHAMP Lady Bug-em

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